The Suspended series of etchings examines universal themes of lostness and uncertainty with reference to the global problems posed by the displacement of populations around the world.

Military conflicts in the Middle East have resulted in millions of people being displaced and compelled to seek refuge in other countries. Societal and cultural forces around the world continues to atomize and disperse established populations and social groups.

With each etching in the series, individually untitled, Ghadyanloo seeks to convey to the viewer the sense of powerlessness and fear experienced by such displaced populations the world over. Ghadyanloo portrays crowds of people either lost and isolated in bizarre and uncertain situations, attempting escape or seeking some form of security together.

Ghadyanloo draws personal inspiration from his experiences of anxiety and uncertainty, growing up in Iran during the Iran- Iraq war (1980-1988). The scenes depicted also hint at other sources of influence, including the uncanny dreamscapes in paintings by Dali and Magritte and the bizarre circumstances depicted in Kafka’s novels.