Utopian Tehran Project

In 2004 Tehran was as polluted and grey like what it is now. Mehdi decided to improve the life quality even for a very little moment and Tehran was like an ugly and messy and bad developed city which were living its exhausted life after the Revolution and Iran-Iraq war years and the city also was full of revolutionary and martyr wall paintings. Every day thousands and thousands of people who were thinking about their countless problems were passing across these ugly walls and as Mehdi says:” I was not president or politician and I couldn’t change the big things as a recently graduated artist, so I decided to create my Utopian Tehran that in which the sky is blue and bright, the clouds are fertile and people are happy and enjoying their life it these contemporary paradises on walls.” Between 2004 and 2010 He designed over 100 murals in Tehran and he always considered the Architecture and cultural context of the location which the paintings were located.